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At Air Force UK, based in Dartford we provide a range of comprehensive air conditioning services across Kent and the surrounding areas. We’re also professional ventilation contractors and can deal with a range of ventilation systems. So, when it comes to requiring professional ventilation contractors and air conditioning installers in Kent, look no further, we have you covered.

As well as air conditioning services, we also provide services for de-humidifiers, ductwork systems and can provide all associated maintenance including air conditioning servicing for both domestic and commercial clients, as well as ventilator contractors who have a wealth of experienced with ventilation systems. For more information on the services we offer across Kent and the surrounding areas, call our team today.


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Ductwork Dartford, Kent

Air Conditioning Installations across Kent

Should you require an air conditioning company in Kent, you’ve come to the right place, at Air Force UK we’re specialist when it comes to air conditioning installations, servicing and maintenance. When you choose our professional air conditioning installation team, trust that you’ll receive air conditioning to the highest standards. All of our team are highly trained and capable of installing all types of domestic and commercial air conditioning units across Kent and the surrounding areas. We’re experts so will make sure we’ll work closely with you from the very beginning, this is to make sure all of your needs are met, we’ll also assess your space to help us decide on the right air conditioning unit for your property or premises. For more information on the air conditioning services we offer across Kent, call our team today!

Air Conditioning Ashford

Commercial air con Kent


Air Force UK can provide advice and guidance on all aspects of your air conditioning in Kent, from selecting the right equipment, supply & installation, as well as air con maintenance, through to fault diagnostics and any repairs that may be needed. What’s more is we provide our air con services across Kent and the surrounding areas.

We offer a free no-obligation site survey for planned installations, where we assess the primary use of the space, the current and/or future heat load, the potential locations for outdoor and indoor equipment and whether the owner requires control over individual rooms. So for home or commercial air con in Kent, look no further than Air Force UK.

Ductwork Dartford, Kent


Air Force UK can offer the latest technologically advanced ductwork systems on the market. As we strive to push energy efficiency, our ductwork systems have been claimed to be up to 48% more energy efficient than standard galvanized ductwork systems. We can bespoke install or replace inefficient galvanised systems. Our ductwork systems can also be wrapped in any desired colour to aesthetically suit any environment. We also provide our ductwork systems across Kent.

Ductwork Dartford, Kent

Heat Recovery


Heat recovery ventilation systems help to keep a stable humidity level and provide a condensation and mould free living space. Heat recovery ventilators provide a range of benefits in addition to exceptional performance and they’re also low maintenance.

The method of these ventilation systems are becoming very popular as they encourage energy efficiency and also keep your home airtight. The heat recovery ventilation units we provide in Kent offer all year round ventilation, as well as ensuring your home is healthy through eliminated condensation and maintaining stable humidity levels.


At Air Force UK, we provide a range of air handling unit installations, which provide free cooling and indirect adiabatic cooling systems, which maximise efficiency and minimise operational costs.

We provide a range of air handling units which provide a tailor made solution for optimising air conditions throughout multiple spaces. The air handling systems we offer can be customised to your building should you require it, they don’t include installation restrictions or design limitations, air handling units are based on completely unique modular designs and can also be sized to your exact requirements.


fire damper


At Air Force UK, we provide full fire damper testing across the Kent, providing you peace of mind that your property is safe and secure and a possible fire spreading is deterred.

When it comes to fire dampers they’re essential as they are intended to prevent ductwork conveying a fire, should one occur. The fire damper prevents fire from spreading, so it’s essential to ensure the correct operation of fire dampers. At Air Force UK, we offer extensive testing and inspection services to ensure that your fire dampers are as they should be and make sure that they’re within the fire containment areas and can be fully assessed.

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