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Air Handling Unit Installation in London

At Air Force UK, we provide a range of ait handling unit installations, which provide free cooling and indirect adiabatic cooling systems, which maximise efficiency and minimise operational costs.

Air Handling Systems London

We provide a range of air handling units in London, which provide a tailor-made solution for optimising air conditions throughout multiple spaces. The air handling systems we offer can be customised to your building should you require it, they don’t include installation restrictions or design limitations, air handling units are based on completely unique modular designs and can also be sized to your exact requirements.

Air Force UK

Air Handling Units from Air Force UK

At Air Force UK provide a range of air handling units, all designed to meet your specific needs. The units we provide come in various sizes with a range of air flow options; this is to ensure that they fit into your property and ensure the most efficiency. The larger the flow you require the larger the case size, with Air Force UK, you can trust that you’re in the right hands as we’ll make sure that we deliver the maximum efficiency and product with the smallest footprint, but also include space for maintenance.

We strive to provide only the most compact air handling systems to meet your requirements and will ensure all your design specifications are met. This means they’re great when it comes to indoor and outdoor applications, as space is tight and important.


Air Handling Units – All you Need to Know

Should you require outdoor or indoor air handling units, side by side or stacked up, roof or floor mounted, we can help. We’ll also adapt and develop your unit to your specifications, ensuring all your needs are met. We’ll also take into account the air flow you need when considering your new air handling unit, air flow dimensions can be changed on the flow section at installation. The components in the systems we provide are all of the highest standard, they’re designed for optimum efficiency and contribute towards the performance and effectiveness.

Maintenance Services

We can also provide maintenance services for your air handling systems in Kent, our team of experts have a wealth of experience working in the area and will ensure a thorough service. When it comes to air handling units, Air Force UK are always on hand to help.

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If you are looking for a company that specialises in air handling system installations and maintenance in London, allow Air Force UK to assist you. Based in London, our team of dedicated expert installers that can answer any of your questions and help you to choose the right unit to suit your requirements. Get in touch today!

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