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Commercial Air Conditioning for the Workplace

Those of you that have worked in an environment without air conditioning before will know how hard it can be when the building becomes warm and stuffy due to hot weather outside. When there are lots of bodies confined in a small space, a distinct lack of windows and you’re relying on a bunch of fans to try and cool the workplace down, it can become really irritating. With commercial air conditioning however, the worry of this happening is no more.

Commercial air conditioning was designed to make working conditions more comfortable. When it’s warm inside, the system can condition the air so that it cools to a more comfortable temperature. On the flip side, most decent air con units will be able to warm the air when it becomes chilly too. A quality AC unit is the key to comfortable working temperatures.

Different Air Conditioning Types

Before you pick up the phone, it’s important that you know about the different types of commercial air conditioners. The size of the building and the amount of people that need to be catered for will usually dictate what type of air con you require. For fewer people, a wall-mounted air conditioner may be just fine. But, for larger office or workplaces with a higher volume of employees, a ceiling-mounted cassette unit might be the answer. We have taken the time to investigate each option below.

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This is a popular choice for small-medium sized buildings with fewer people operating within. When there is more than 6 people working inside, you might require two or more units to cater for everyone. These can be scattered strategically around the workplace to make sure everyone can feel the benefits of the cooler air.

Wall mounted air con won’t usually have an impact on the design of an office. The units can be tucked away, high up on the wall so that the air is directed downwards and outwards away from the wall and ceiling and into the room. Units are usually quite long and thin, so they can sit high up on a wall to go unnoticed.

When you need a system that is easier on the eye, you can purchase wall-mounted systems that ensure your workplace still looks great. Quiet systems can also be purchased to ensure the sound of the air isn’t a distraction.

Ceiling-Mounted Cassette Units

Ceiling-mounted units are extremely popular in modern working environments where the need for a better looking unit is crucial.

Ceiling-mounted (AKA cassette) units can cost slightly more to purchase, but for good reason. They are designed to be integrated into suspended ceilings and almost totally hidden from view. All that be seen is the fascia panel that provides the cool air for those below.

This type of air conditioning is ideal for larger businesses where there are more people that need cool air. Some cassette air conditioners come with adjustable louvres which can be controlled to alter the direction of the air flow.

To benefit from a ceiling-mounted air conditioner you will generally need a suspended ceiling. If you don’t, it’s worth leaning towards wall-mounted units.

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Ducted Units

Ducted units are also extremely popular for commercial environments. They are usually the most expensive option, but possibly the most aesthetically pleasing out there. As with the ceiling-mounted units, ducted units can be hidden from view, with only the small louvre grilles visible once the system has been installed.

You will require a suspended ceiling for this type of unit also. This is probably one of the reasons why ducted units are popular for new-build projects or refurbs. With that said, ducted units can still be retrofitted into the ceiling at any time.

It can be more difficult to install ducted air con into other types of ceiling, although it is still possible.

When design is a huge factor in your buying decision, it’s worth leaning towards a ducted or ceiling-mounted unit to maintain the design of the workplace. When this isn’t an issue or there are fewer people to cater for, one or several wall-mounted units will work just fine.

Benefits of Commercial Air Con

  • Health benefits
  • Improved air quality
  • Cooler workplace equipment, such as computers
  • Increased productivity
  • Extra space due to no fans/free-standing units being required
  • Temperatures can be controlled to suit employees
  • Clients/customers can enjoy cooler air
  • Less mood swings from working in irritating conditions

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It’s important for a number of the reasons, but mainly air con in your premises is vital as it’s a legal requirement that you provide a comfortable working environment for your staff.

One of the most important things is to first assess your working environment, work out how many people are in the space and how long it could take to cool down and maintain the temperature of the area. At Air Force UK, our team of professionals are more than happy to help and make sure that you choose a system which suits you.

The air con systems that we install tend to last over 10 years if they’re looked after and maintained properly. It’s vital that your air conditioning unit is serviced regularly, by doing this potential issues can be straightened out before they turn into something much bigger.

This all depends, the air con system you decide to go for and the size of your commercial property. You can call a member of the team at Air Force UK who will be more than happy to assist and ensure that you receive a product which suits your requirements.

When you choose Air Force UK, you can trust that you’re in the right hands. Our team of specialists have years of experience and knowledge in the area so will ensure that you choose the best air con system to suit all your requirements. For a FREE quote simply call our team today.