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Working in an environment without air conditioning can be very difficult, buildings become warm and stuffy due to the hot weather outside. When there are lots of bodies confined in a small space, such as a business premises, along with a distinct lack of windows it can be hard to cool the workplace down and become really irritating. However, with commercial air conditioning from Air Force UK, there’s no need to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Commercial air conditioning is designed to make working conditions and business premises more comfortable. When it’s warm inside, the system can condition the air so that it cools to a more comfortable temperature. On the flip side, most decent air con units will be able to warm the air when it becomes chilly too. A quality AC unit is the key to comfortable working temperatures.

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When deciding on your air con unit, it’s important to consider all the different types of commercial air conditioners available. When it comes to air con, the size of the building and the amount of people that need to be catered for will usually depend on the type of air con your business required. For less people a wall-mounted air conditioner may be the best choice. But, when it comes to larger office buildings or workplaces with a lots of employees, ceiling-mounted cassette units might be the answer. Take a look below to help you decide which air con unit you need to choose for your business premises.

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Wall-Mounted Air Con

Wall-Mounted units tend to be a popular choice for small to medium sized buildings with fewer staff in them. Should there be more than 6 people working inside, you may require two or more units to ensure everyone is catered for. These can be scattered strategically around the workplace to make sure everyone can feel the benefits of the cooler air.

Wall mounted air con is efficient and shouldn’t impact the design of an office. The units can be tucked away, high up on the wall so that the air con is directed downwards and outwards away from the wall and ceiling and into the room. Units usually go unnoticed as they are usually quite long and thin.

When you need a system for your premises that’s  more visually appealing, you can purchase wall-mounted air con systems that make sure your workplace will still look great. Quiet systems are also available where the sound of the air isn’t a distraction.

Ceiling-Mounted Cassette Units

These tend to be popular in more modern working environments where the need for a better looking and more appealing unit is required.

Ceiling-mounted (AKA cassette) units tend to cost slightly more to purchase than other options, but they are value for money as they are designed to be integrated into suspended ceilings where they can be hidden from view. All that will be seen is a fascia panel which provides the cool air for those below.

This type of air conditioning is ideal for larger businesses in London, where there are more staff. Cassette air conditioners can also come with adjustable louvres which are controlled to alter the direction of the air flow.

You can benefit from ceiling-mounted air conditioners where you will generally require a suspended ceiling, if you don’t, it may be worth trying wall-mounted air con units.

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Ducted Units

Ducted units are a popular choice commercial air con systems. They are quite aesthetically pleasing and look visually appealing in the office or work environment. Ceiling-mounted units and ducted units from Air Force UK can be hidden from view, with only small louvre grilles visible once the system has been fully installed.

The requirements of this air con system include having a suspended ceiling. This could be one of the reasons why ducted units are popular choices when it comes to new-build projects or refurbishments.However, ducted units can also still be retrofitted into the ceiling at any time.

It can be more difficult to install ducted air con into other types of ceilings, although Air Force UK’s specialists can still carry this out.

Should design be a factor in your buying decision, then it’s worth considering a ducted or ceiling-mounted units, as these aim to provide the most visually appealing systems. If this isn’t an issue then several wall mounted units should work just fine.

Benefits of Commercial Air Con

  • Health benefits
  • Improved air quality
  • Cooler workplace equipment, such as computers
  • Increased productivity
  • Extra space due to no fans/free-standing units being required
  • Temperatures can be controlled to suit employees
  • Clients/customers can enjoy cooler air
  • Less mood swings from working in irritating conditions

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Yes, having proper working air conditioning in your commercial space is essential as it’s a legal requirement to have a comfortable working environment for your staff.

It’s important that the first thing you do is to assess the environment, work out how many people are in the space and how long it will take to cool down and maintain the temperature of the area. At Air Force UK, our professional team will be more than happy to assist and ensure that you pick the best air conditioner unit for your commercial property.

This depends, but air conditioning units tend to last more than 10 years if they’re well maintained. It’s important that you have your air conditioning unit serviced regularly, this can help identify any potential issues in advance of them becoming a fault. At Air Force UK we also advise that you regularly clean and change your air conditioner filters every to often to ensure maximum efficiency.

This all depends on what system you choose and the size of your commercial property. You can call a member of the team at Air Force UK who will be more than happy to assist and ensure that you receive a product which suits your requirements.

At Air Force UK our expert engineers have years of experience in the industry and when it comes to air con options and solutions, we’ll ensure that you’re provided with all the necessary information you need.