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Supplying and Installing Ductwork

When it comes to ductwork, we can provide a range from circular to oval to rectangular as wellas all the associated parts including; louvers, grilles, fire and smoke dampers (including testing), fans and insulation.

With heating, ventilation systems, waste extraction and commercial kitchen canopies, you can trust that you are in the right hands with Air Force UK, as we have all of your needs covered to the highest of standards.

All of our engineers are full certified and insured for a selection of operations means that we are constantly re-training and improving our knowledge base, what is more is we only use the most up to date parts and equipment making sure that we achieve the service you require.

At Air Force UK we have an array of suppliers at our disposal to help you choose the type of ductwork that would best suit your application, whether it’s galvanised metal, or new innovative materials like phenolic, fabric, textile and corrugated cardboard we’ll provide the flexibility you need, meaning you can choose the colour and finish you like.

Ductwork Cleaning

We offer a comprehensive ductwork cleaning service to our clients in and around the London area. Using a range of the most up to date equipment we are able to clean up to 30 metres if ducting through one access panel. All ducting cleans are carried out by out trained engineers and to the required standard of Tr-19 regulations.

Whenever we carry out ducting cleaning we ensure all parts are cleaned right back to the bare metal. If required, we can provide readouts and photographic/video evidence to prove your ductwork has been cleaned to the required standard. Ensuring your ductwork is cleaned professionally, will ensure your ducting complies with UK insurance standards.

Air Force UK

Galvanised and Stainless Metal

Traditional metal ductwork has been used for a number of years and is one of the most tested and trusted types of ductwork, due to being strong, robust and very durable, it is the preferred choice for most applications.

The smooth internal surface provides a low resistance to the airflow allowing fans and units to run effectively and efficiently. Being metal also means the ductwork can be easily cleaned as well as being rodent proof unlike any other type of ducting.


Phenolic panels are cut and formed into flat oval or circular shapes, these shapes provide the product with exceptional rigidity, a feature which can be enhanced by the continuous vapour proof laminate which seals the inside of the duct to give a strong and extremely air tight duct system. It’s also up to 86% lighter than traditional steel ductwork with insulation, fully sustainable and more energy efficient.


We can provide a range of different types of fabric and textile ductwork to best suit the application of the client. This ductwork is the only type on that market that can be taken down and machine washed using detergents rather than having to be cleaned using rotary brush equipment, making it a highly versatile product which stands out to its competitors, here is no particle shredding from this product making it an ideal solution for areas such as clean rooms and laboratories.

Corrugated Cardboard

This is one of the newest and innovative products on the market and is purposefully designed with a green and eco-friendly ethos in mind. It’s 80% lighter, 100% recyclable and takes just 12% of the transportation space that a traditional steel duct takes.

Being a unique material is very strong and durable, meaning it can be used to transport heavy and hazardous goods worldwide while being fire retardant, moisture resistant and water repellent its inherited insulation properties allows it to have an average of 20% less insulation material when compared to steel duct.

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When it comes to needing ductwork installation, repairs or maintenance across London, make sure you choose Air Force UK. We have years of experience handling all aspects of ducting. No matter how big or small the project might be, you can count on Air Force UK. We have a team of trained engineers who provide a professional and efficient service.

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