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Fire Damper Testing & Inspections in London

At Air Force UK, we provide a comprehensive fire damper testing and inspection service to our customers throughout London. With regular inspections and testing, your system will be safe to use and comply with current fire safety regulations. Over the years we have carried out many fire damper tests for individuals and businesses throughout the London area. Our inspections and tests are very thorough and are all carried out by trained professionals. If you are in need of fire damper testing, then be sure to get in touch with Air Force UK today.

Our Fire Damper Testing Service

At Air Force UK, we offer a professional and comprehensive fire damper testing service to our clients through the whole of London. During the inspection and testing process, our team will ensure and carry out a number of checks, maintenance and tests to ensure your system is operating correctly. Our service will cover a number of things such as cleaning, lubrication and drop tests.

Over time fire dampers will start to suffer from blockages or debris collection, which can lead to a number of issues occurring such as corrosion, seal problems and broken springs. When you choose Air Force UK our fire damper testing service will help to identify any problems means we can resolve them for you in the most appropriate way possible. Should you have any questions about our fire damper service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How Do Fire Dampers Work?

Fire dampers work through fusible links holding spring – loaded shutters open, when the temperature reaches around 72°C, the link fuses or melts and the shutter will drop to stop the hot air and smoke moving through the passage.

They play a very crucial role in a building’s fire safety systems, if they don’t activate then fire can spread with rapid and lethal results. The difference in a well maintained working fire damper and a badly maintained partially working system can often be between life and death.

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Compliance with Fire Safety

The current British Standard 9999:2008 regulations state that all fire dampers need to be tested and inspected regularly to ensure they are operating correctly. This regulation also states that spring operate fire dampers need to be inspected and tested every 12 months, whereas other types of systems need to be tested every 2 years. Fire damper testing isn’t just something you can have carried out when you want, it is a legal requirement.

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Why Choose Us for Fire Damper Tests in London?

For a number of years, we have been carrying out fire damper tests for both individuals and businesses throughout London and the surrounding areas. With our inspection and test service, we will ensure that your fire dampers are safe to use and operate to their optimum performance level. As one of the leading companies within the London area offering this service, we believe some of the reasons you should choose us for fire damper testing are:

  • Cover the whole of London
  • Well-known for the service we provide
  • We work with both individuals and businesses
  • Offer a thorough and detailed testing service
  • Years of experience dealing with fire dampers

Contact Air Force UL for Fire Damper Testing in London

If you are looking for a company that specialises in fire damper maintenance, inspections and testing in London, allow Air Force UK to assist you. Based in London, our team of dedicated expert installers that can answer any of your questions and help you to choose the right unit to suit your requirements. Get in touch today!

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