Heat Recovery Ventilation in Kent

Heat Recovery Ventilation in Kent

Heat recovery ventilation systems help to keep a stable humidity level and provide a condensation and mould free living space. Heat recovery Ventilation systems provide a range of benefits in addition to exceptional performance and they’re also low maintenance.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

The method of these ventilation systems are becoming very popular as they encourage energy efficiency and also keep your home airtight. The heat recovery ventilation units we provide in Kent offer all year round ventilation, as well as ensuring your home is healthy through eliminated condensation and maintaining stable humidity levels.

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Heat Recovery Ventilation systems

Heat recovery units come in a variety of forms, but they all involve heat exchangers. They sit in the building, usually in the loft or on the roof and pipes feed down from it into each room, drawing out stale air and replacing it with warm, clean air. A number of heat ventilation units can be installed which also includes heat pumps which focus on converting ground and air heat and combined heat and power systems. Whatever your requirements when it comes to heat ventilation, the experts at Air Force UK in Kent can help.

Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery Ventilation systems in Industry

When it comes to the heat recovery ventilation systems that we provide, there’s a number of different efficient units available. When it comes to commercial installations, there’s a range of industrial processes which can produce heat, as well as gasses that can benefit from heat recovery, this includes those that create evaporation, such as distilleries where wasteful heat quickly escapes. Process cooling and heating, pasteurisation, large scale laundry drying and even ovens can have heat recovery systems attached to help save energy which can then be recycled to provide heating for other uses.

Heat recovery is known as one of the major issues when it comes to sustainable energy, by making the most of what is produced, this created more efficient heating systems from the home and to the heart of homes, factories, offices and so on.

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