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Air Force Power and Air can supply and install air con units for domestic purposes. With a range of units available from some of the UK’s leading air conditioning brands, we can help you to find a unit that suits your budget and fits nicely on the wall.

Domestic Air Conditioning for your Home in Kent

At Air Force UK we provide a range of domestic air conditioning installations across Kent and the surrounding areas, we specialise in supplying and installing a range of domestic air conditioners, those which are suitable for any type of property. What’s more is we also have a team of fully qualified engineers who have all the necessary skills required to ensure a professional air conditioning installation is provided at your property. When you choose our team we’ll guarantee a professional and efficient air conditioning installation service.

Having worked in the industry for a number of years we have all the experience required in all aspects of domestic air conditioning. Our team of engineers can also assist with advising you on the best type of domestic air conditioning unit for your home. When it comes to domestic air conditioning installations across Kent and the surrounding areas, we only use quality units to make sure you receive the best possible performance and longevity of the unit. With all of our domestic air conditioning units, they’re installed only by trained professionals so you’ll be in safe hands.

Domestic Air Conditioning Units

At Airforce UK our team of fully qualified air con engineers can install your indoor AC unit in Kent for you. With a wealth of experience in the air conditioning industry including ventilation, you can trust you’re in the right hands with Airforce UK. We understand air conditioning installation isn’t straightforward and can result in complications due to different property types and internal designs also. Our experience means that we’ve installed air con systems at a number of different properties, so we have the skills to support a number of installation types. Our installation team can find a nice place for your air con unit to live, providing your home with cool air whenever you need a break from the heat. For domestic air con in Kent, speak to out team today.

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Wall-Mounted Air Conditioning in Kent

Wall-mounted AC units are a popular choice when it comes to domestic air conditioning. They’re also usually the top choice for small offices with 1-6 people working, meaning they’re also perfect for homes with around the same numbers of people living inside.

Surprisingly, when considering the name, a wall-mounted air con unit won’t actually have an enormous impact on the design of your home. The unit can always be tucked away at a height just below the ceiling, directing air outwards and downwards onto the room. Units tend to be long and thin, meaning that they can be fixed at a height without detracting from the design of a room.

Should you require a air con system that fits in with your home, aesthetically pleasing wall-mounted units can also be purchased. If cooler air is your priority then a wall-mounted AC unit is for you. We can also provide silent units which can be purchased to make sure the noise of the air isn’t distracting whilst you are busy living your day-to-day life.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Dartford

Choosing the right domestic air conditioning systems

The type of domestic air conditioner which you need will depend on a range of factors, this includes the size of your home as well as the external conditions. The experts at Air Force UK will provide you with professional advice and information showing the right types of domestic air conditioning for your property. Domestic air conditioning units don’t have to be unappealing the look at, when you choose our team we’ll make sure that you receive a fully functioning unit.

All of the domestic air conditioning units we install provide only exceptional quality and are from only the best known brands in the industry, having worked across Kent and the surrounding areas for a number of years, we’re well known for providing quality domestic air conditioning units in Kent. So, should you require domestic air conditioners in Kent, look no further, Air Force UK will meet all of your requirements.

Why choose Air Force Power and Air?

  • We have years of industry experience, so you can trust that we know what we’re talking about
  • We can also provide air con servicing and air con repairs
  • We only provide quality brand named units
  • We offer a full air con service including design, supply and installation
  • 24 hour emergency services are also available should you require
  • We have a range of portable units for you to choose from

Benefits of Air Conditioning in your home

When it comes to having a cooler home, air conditioning is the first option to consider. Take a look at the benefits of having air conditioning installed in your home?

  • More comfortable and pleasant living environment
  • A number of health benefits
  • Energy efficient systems
  • Silent/quiet systems so there’s no distractions
  • Improved air quality
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